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With evolving technology, home flooring companies are bringing out high-quality laminated flooring in Rosedale which imitates hardwood or stone flooring without the hefty price tag. Laminate flooring is of two types: engineered and plastic laminate. The engineered one is made of various layers of wood with the veneer being high-quality hardwood. The plastic laminate is melamine, fiberboard, and plastic resembling wood. Obviously engineered laminate flooring is better in quality than plastic ones.

How laminated flooring are made?

Made of four layers; each serving an important purpose are stuck together using high heat and extreme pressure. The layers are:

Back layer: Provides stability and support for the floor and protects against moisture.

Core layer: Compared to real hardwood, the laminate floor provides better protection from indentations due to this high-density board layer.

Design layer: This layer represents the high-resolution picture that mimics wood, stone.

Wear layer: Made of aluminum oxide to protect from fading, staining, and surface burns.

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Being the top laminated company Rosedale, our best-laminated floor contractors provide you with the DIY laminate flooring installation process. The steps are:

  • Arrange the planks side-by-side to test and fit how they will lay out in the room.
  • Make sure not to lock the planks together.
  • Put down a thick dense layer of foam to provide a thermal barrier making the installation process easier.
  • Start with the first row of the planks by trimming the tongues of the boards.
  • Measure the length needed and transfer that measurement to planks; finish the rows first and make sure to fill the expansion gap of the wall and cut off the last piece of planks of each row.
  • After installing the last row of ripped planks using the tongue and groove technique by removing all spacer and then installing the baseboard mold.
  • Affordability with the look of luxury imitating the best of hardwood floor, stones.
  • Being versatile, you can take high-resolution pictures of any hardwood and transfer it onto the floor. You can imitate textures and natural patterns through laminate flooring too.
  • With click and clock installation, you can do a DIY project over the weekend if you want to. Else, the best laminate floor installers of ours will provide efficient installation service.
  • Being scratch-proof, burn-proof, ultraviolet-proof, dent-proof, it’s best for home with kids and pets.
  • They are the easiest to maintain as all you need to do is vacuum and do the light mopping.
  • Provided the instant luxurious look of glamorous marble, tiles, various wood species to your interior.
  • The chances of ripping and opening are the lowest reducing the chances of accidental falls, making it the safest choice for flooring.

For best laminate flooring, Mcgavin Hardwood Flooring offers a wide range of laminate flooring Rosedale. The price of plastic laminate flooring starts from as little as $1-$3 per square foot for materials, and the prices for designer laminate flooring start from $12 and go up to $15 per square foot for materials. Engineered laminate flooring sale prices range from $2-$5. Our best laminate floor installers provide efficient installation service starting from $3 per square foot. Contact us for the best quote.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to the T.
  • Don’t let stains stay too long on the floor.
  • Clean immediately with a mop or towel.
  • Use a soft-bristle brush for removing dirt from laminate floors.
  • For vacuuming, avoid using a rotating brush or beater bar.
  • Use a light mop to clean every two months for a squeaky clean floor.
  • Stop using too much water while mopping.
  • Do trim your pet’s nails to avoid scratches. Don’t use cleaning supplies where it’s not specified for laminate floor cleaning. You can use a DIY solution for cleaning floors.
  • Use a welcome mat to collect dirt from visitors’ shoes as dirt dulls and scratches the laminate floor.
  • Use furniture pads to avoid scratches.
  • Wide range of laminate flooring from various top brands
  • Certification from top laminate flooring brands
  • Experiences contractors and laminate floor installers for guiding customers every step of the way
  • Competitive prices for laminate flooring
    Refinish laminate floor services
  • After-sales maintenance service at minimum package

For the best hardwood and laminate flooring company near me, choose McGavin Hardwood Flooring for purchasing, installation, and maintenance services as we are the best laminating floor company in Rosedale. For all things related to laminate flooring in Rosedale, Muskoka, Forest Hill, and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area contact McGavin Hardwood Flooring company today.

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